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Mazy Kazerooni May 19, 2013

Mazy Kazerooni Photos 2013


Love kickin it with my lil bro Lil Twist!! 2013 is his year


With the homies justin bieber & maejor ali at the #airbnb mansion!


Me and lil bro Justin Bieber! #swaggy


Epic night with the homies DJ Franzen, Justin Bieber & Mally Mall for Lil Twist’s 20th birthday! Photo by Grace Pedrotti


Oracle Arena going crazy for @TreySongz!!


Brainstorming about the internet with @Jaredleto & @Mattprd!


Yesterday, I was best man while my big brother married the love of his life! Congratulations to Kaz and his beautiful bride and my new sister in law, Jodi


Kickin it with @HarleyPlays & @DavidHeuff from @epicmealtime! Delicious business being done


Went to our homie Darren Criss aka Blaine Anderson from #Glee’s awesome party!


Kickin it with our bro Soulja Boy at his crib talkin about money


Just got out of the studio with @kidinkbatgang & @deejayillwill big shit is coming to !!


great time hanging with Darren Criss aka Blaine Anderson from GLEE & @iamglennmiller at @tracksby HQ! –

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Tips On Buying the Best Baby Cribs February 19, 2017

There are a number of things that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to buying to the best baby cribs. The following tips will give you the information you need to purchase the perfect crib for your bundle of joy.

• Sturdiness: You'll want to find a crib that is very sturdy to be safe for your child. Your little bundle of joy will grow at a steady pace, so the tiny newborn that doesn't cause the frame to shake in a less sturdy constructed crib will grow. In the store, you'll want to shake the frame to see if it has any wobbles in it.

• Frame Size: You'll want to make sure that your crib's frame has just enough room to fit a standard crib mattress. Any space between the wall of the crib and your mattress could be a hazard for your baby.

• Slats: If you're looking into buying a more vintage crib, you'll want to pay attention to the slats. They should be about 2 3/8 inches apart, so if you can pass a can of soda through it, they aren't safe.

• Drop-sided Cribs: Drop-sided cribs have been deemed dangerous and no longer recommended to use for babies. Steer clear of any old cribs with this feature.

• Future Options: Some of the best baby cribs around offer sizing that makes it possible for the crib to grow into a larger bed for your baby. This means you'll have to buy one piece of furniture for a crib, toddler bed, and big boy bed.

Using these tips, you should be able to find the best baby cribs to choose from for your nursery.

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Meet The Gypsies At the Caves February 18, 2017

In the hills above the lovely Spanish city of Granada lies the Roma/Gitano/Gypsy cave community of Sacromonte. Following the autumn of the Moorish empire in the 1500’s, the Roma arrived and carved cave houses into the hillside. These days much of Sacromonte has turned into a tourist place.

Visitors flock here to see the well-known Gitano Flamenco dancing shows.

But when you hike above the visible neighborhood of Sacromonte, you’ll detect hippies, a marginally distinct community made up of nomads, and modern gypsies who live in the formerly abandoned caves.

It’s an eclectic blend of people from all around the world.

Most of the caverns have electricity from power system power or solar power systems . Some have TVs. Running water and outhouse -style toilets tend to be shared between a few neighbors.

I spent a couple days taking photos of, hanging out and learning about the community. Even spending one night in a cavern. Please appreciate this rare peek into the life of a wandering cavern gypsy.

Who Are The Gypsies?

Alright, due to the increased popularity of this place along with random commenters asserting I don’t understand just what a Gypsy is, I’ve decided to go into more detail here. The neighborhood of Sacromonte in the city of Granada is a Gypsy area. G” is “ed by Gypsy with a capital.

These are individuals from Gitano or Romani adequate. The english word “Gypsy” comes from “Egyptian,” based on a bogus believe they came from Egypt (they came from Northern India).

The caverns above Sacromonte were initially inhabited by these folks (Gypsy/Roma/Gitano).

The old caves above it and the area of Sacromonte are two separate things. Nevertheless there are also cave homes within Sacromonte owned by genuine Gitanos/Roma/Gypsies. You can meet gypsy singles when you plan to visit Nomadic Cave.

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How To Clean A Roller Blind? February 17, 2017

Roller blinds are a good option for the window dressing than using curtains. These blinds give a classy appearance to your office or home. They occupy almost no space and look elegant. Roller blinds are preferred over the standard curtains for window dressing since they are easy to use and clean and look stylish. Roller blinds are very easy to operate. Taking good care of one's roller blinds is incredibly important. Roller blinds might be cleaned with a damp cloth.

With hardly any and easy methods you can clean a roller blind with minimum effort required. Roller blinds collect a lot of dust and grease daily be it your kitchen area, bathroom or office. How you clean a roller blind is essential as it ensures they look great for quite some time to come. 

One should ensure that you clean a roller blind at regular intervals. Cleaning blinds regularly will prolong its useful life and eliminate its need for repairs. You can online look for reliable professionals for Blinds Cleaning & Repair work.

On the web you might find lots of sites offering ways and methods of cleaning as well as repairing roller blinds. By cleaning your roller blinds regularly, it promises a hygienic and healthier environment. 

There are many possibilities for cleaning your roller blind and it even is dependent upon which kind of blinds are utilized in your house or office. Several types of roller blinds may demand various kinds of cleaning.  

Utilization of a smooth cloth can be of help for cleaning your blinds. Ultrasonic cleaning is a great option as it is specially made for cleaning blinds and makes certain they are protected from dirt for approximately three years.

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Facts About SEO Services Company February 16, 2017

The SEO Company can be able to push your site to the top of the first page of Google and keep it there. This is always easier said than it is actually done because many of the SEO firms do not evaluate their search engine optimization capacities before making frivolous promises to their clients.

There are some situations where some inexperienced SEO firms would use some appealing words to entice the clients to pay but will fail to deliver such site even in the second pages of Google and Yahoo. This can be quite frustrating especially when you consider the fact that your competitors would be having field days while you are battling with the issues surrounding proper SEO methods.

You really need to check the reputation of any SEO company you want to align with because the internet marketing industry is becoming fiercer by the day any many online service providers are beginning to make claims to what they can't offer just to get more patronage. You can click here to get more information about SEO Services and companies.

The reliable SEO internet marketing company has to be consistent in their search engine optimization techniques. This is because your site may rank at number 5 today but would drop to the 10th position tomorrow by certain actions of your competitors

The quality of search engines' optimization services offered by any SEO company is always better than the quantity for many good reasons.

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Hunters Hill Builders Constructing Offerings That offer Ontime Overall Performance February 15, 2017

Seeking out Builders and Renovators in Sydney to make your dream home a reality? Make Sure which you are choosing the exceptional one from all of the available alternatives in Sydney. There are many Creation and Preservation Corporations in Sydney who are imparting low-priced Builder Parramatta together with carpentry offerings Sydney, granny flat production and preservation services Sydney, current domestic construction, current home renovation, duplex constructing, indoors or exterior protection, kitchen renovation, toilet renovation, swimming pool preservation, and plenty more Builder Double Bay building services. Most of these services are provided to humans as consistent with their specifications and price range with the help of Expert Builders and Renovators in Sydney. There are many production and upkeep groups in Sydney so every one of them has their personal particular style of Constructing. It's miles better to assess all the available options earlier than finalising any offerings for your respective creation or maintenance assignment in Sydney, Melbourne or nearby areas.

There are masses of ways in which you can examine all Hunters Hill Builders and Renovators in Sydney.There are few essential parameters that can be used to assess the skills of your chosen Builders or Renovators in Sydney.The enjoyment of a Builder is truly visible if their work. Firstly you have got to test the past and present constructing assignment of the desired builder very carefully. After that, you need to make certain that in each of their creations they have maintained the very best degree of creativity. You could additionally test and evaluate from their customers to understand how correct these developers are in dealing with the special troubles of constructing procedure and whether or not they are capable of delivering on time. When you have examined all these elements you need to pick the pinnacle selections which might be going perfectly with the finances and specs of the undertaking you are thinking about. You could name them and invite them to visit the Webpage and start with the Constructing or Preservation method as quickly as possible.

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Magnificence of Snapback Hats

More and more individuals are turning fashion conscious with every passing day. Even dressing up in casual seeks to be an idiosyncratic one. How come the urges for unique head gears would not be present?

Broadened demand for quintessential head gears has abruptly enriched the online cloth portals even. Hats and caps are the best of the best headwear off the contemporary fashion world. You can also go through to buy various designs of snapback caps.

Snapback hats are the utmost quintessential form of headwear of the recent times. Crave is such among the mass, that collection of the same in bulk is also present among them. Effectively usable, from the morning walk ground to gyms and even the sports field, a modest look is not all that it gifts with.

Protection from the harmful UV rays and chilling winds are also associated. Immensely popular among the younger population, these hats are aptly selected by many as a regular wear. And with the celebrities like Adele, Madonna, Justin Bieber, wearing the same every now and then; demanding features got fuelled.

Attractive classiness gets rejuvenated with an authentic combination of snapback hats with the casual and urban wear. Easy fit and comfortable factors of these hats are exemplarily the best. Worn by many, availability of size makes these a quantum wear. As no tension is attached with the adjustability it is an ideal best for gifting purpose. 

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How Estate Planning Attorneys Can Help Protect Seniors And Their Families February 14, 2017

It's hard for parents to become reliant on their adult children as they age. The role reversal from caregiver to the patient isn't an easy one. Instead of leaving everything to casual, take benefit of estate planning attorneys who specialize in elder law. These firms are well experienced in protecting seniors and their families and can help ensure a smooth transition for adult children and aging parents.

First, Find A Will Attorney Who Specializes In Elder Law

Not all firms are the same. While it's possible for a lawyer to help with elder law issues, it's best to find one that specializes in making a will and other legal documents such as a medical directive. An attorney with this experience will know what documents are needed and will be able to help preserve a customer's assets and manage estates and trusts. To know more about estate planning, you can also visit

Second, Plan For Long-Term Illness

Long-term care is expensive and no one wants to be a burden on their family. There's a gap between Medicaid eligibility thresholds and being able to pay for long-term care completely out of pocket. Estate planning attorneys can help you distribute your assets appropriately and legally in case you need professional care.

Third, Spell Things Out With The Help Of Estate Planning Attorneys

No parent wants to think of their children fighting over medical directives or assets. To ensure this doesn't happen parents should sit down with their children before meeting with a lawyer to draw up a will. An attorney may suggest other legal documents, including a durable power of attorney, a medical directive, trusts, and more. 

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Variety of Refrigerator Uses

Designers and technicians have pulled out all the stops to bring to consumers a more versatile and appealing appliance. Yes, they have slight changes made to them: for instance, the depth has been decreased but the height and width have been increased. This, however, has no effect on the utility of the product. Counter depth refrigerators are still capable of holding up to what a standard one would. In fact, depending on what you buy, they may even hold more. The higher end brands come with temperature control panels, temperature regulated drawers for produce and meat, and even a compartment for the refrigerator fresheners like baking soda.  You can browse  to get wholesale refrigerator.

Not knowing how a refrigerator works, how do you pick the ones that will work best for your operation? Manufacturers all have printed specifications, and your dealer or equipment consultant will have recommendations. Some of the criteria you'll choose from following. Finishes. The surface of your refrigerator should be as sturdy as its interior components. Popular finishes include stainless steel, vinyl-coated steel, fiberglass, and coated aluminum; the latter comes in rolled, stucco, or anodized styles. 

These types of refrigerators are not just stylish but efficient as well, both energy wise and for the fact that they are accessible, roomy with many storage compartments, and built to make it as easy as possible for the consumer. 

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Know About Flashlight Stun Gun With Alarm February 13, 2017

Stun guns can be a very effective form of self defense. The crackling sound of sparking electricity has been proven to be a deterrent. But if the sound and sight of millions of volts arcing doesn't keep the bad guy away, a 2 to 5 second contact disrupts the electrical system and causes confusion and loss of muscle control, giving you enough time to get to safety.

You can shine the flashlight in your attacker's eyes, temporarily blinding him, you can shock him with the stun gun, dropping him to the ground, you can set off your alarm, scaring him and alerting others around you of your trouble. You can  also visit if you are looking to buy affordable price Stun Gun online.

In addition to the ever-present threat of a car-jacking or other human attack on you while in your vehicle (in which the above paragraph describes exactly what to do to that attacker), there is always the danger of your car breaking down.

So in addition to having protection against the human element, with the flashlight stun gun with alarm, you have protection against the unpredictable mechanical element with this safety product for your car: Use the flashlight to assess the problem and signal for help, if you're stranded in a remote location, use the alarm intermittently to draw attention to yourself and get help. If you were to ever draw the wrong kind of attention, you have just the right tool to deal with it.

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LASEK Laser Eye Surgery, What Should You Be Looking For? February 12, 2017

The over marketing of laser eye surgery is beginning to effect the general public of which laser vision correction would benefit. With lower prices being promised and clever marketing campaigns, being a part of what the public absorbs multiple times on a daily basis, many have forgotten that it is still a surgery.

One should be looking for a Lasik surgery doctor and a clinic that rises to the top with technology, experience and professionalism. Complimentary consultations are offered at every clinic, but not all are the same. For more information about 100% Blade-Free Eye Surgery you can check online.



What each office provides in their consultation is an overview of the type of care one will receive during their procedure and after. Below is a check list to make sure your exam is correctly qualifying you for laser eye surgery and the quality of care you are going to receive with Lasek surgery or lasik surgery.

Eye Dilation – An eye dilation means that the doctor wants to see one's eye more thorough. Although these drops will cause temporary blurry and bright vision, it lets one know that the doctor is willing to take the extra time for his patients.

Meet your Surgeon at the consultation – Many times a surgeon rolls in right before the procedure and leaves after the procedure never to be seen again! It is important like any procedure to meet the surgeon before your procedure.


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