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Mazy Kazerooni May 19, 2013

Mazy Kazerooni Photos 2013


Love kickin it with my lil bro Lil Twist!! 2013 is his year


With the homies justin bieber & maejor ali at the #airbnb mansion!


Me and lil bro Justin Bieber! #swaggy


Epic night with the homies DJ Franzen, Justin Bieber & Mally Mall for Lil Twist’s 20th birthday! Photo by Grace Pedrotti


Oracle Arena going crazy for @TreySongz!!


Brainstorming about the internet with @Jaredleto & @Mattprd!


Yesterday, I was best man while my big brother married the love of his life! Congratulations to Kaz and his beautiful bride and my new sister in law, Jodi


Kickin it with @HarleyPlays & @DavidHeuff from @epicmealtime! Delicious business being done


Went to our homie Darren Criss aka Blaine Anderson from #Glee’s awesome party!


Kickin it with our bro Soulja Boy at his crib talkin about money


Just got out of the studio with @kidinkbatgang & @deejayillwill big shit is coming to !!


great time hanging with Darren Criss aka Blaine Anderson from GLEE & @iamglennmiller at @tracksby HQ! –

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African safari Holidays with Stays and Sights December 4, 2016

A luxury African Safari holiday is incomplete without viewing the game or wildlife, which is the primary heartbeat of Africa. For example, Tanzania offers a diversity that is as far as your imagination; you can hear the lion roar or a bird's sweet chirp. There are elephants moving about gently with zebras galloping in herds passing you. You can view many species of birds in the luxury African Safaris reserves. For more information on Tanzania safari you can get through our website at

Besides the wildlife, there is the history and culture that set Africa apart from other continent. You may encounter a Masai warrior in his full headgear to a simple fisherman in his trawler pulling in his catch of the day. There are snow-capped mountain peaks that take your breath away with thick lush forests and vast green grassy plains.



For those who love the fun in the sun will enjoy the silver glittering of the white sandy beaches and cool breezes. It is every sunbather's ideal spot at East Africa central close to the equator. There is a long stretch of 480km white sandy beach.

another luxury African safari beach resort is the Indian Ocean resort that was part of a 16th century mosque. The beach resort was built in 1992 with a surrounding ancient baobab trees mingled with coconut groves. Its deluxe rooms over look the tropical gardens with full top amenities for your comfort. This includes air-conditioning, balcony, in house coffee making facilities, mini-bar, en-suite bathroom, TV and hairdryer.

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5 Ways To Choose A Customer Relationship Management Solution December 2, 2016

One of the terms in IT that is now becoming more and more of a household word is CRM, which stands for customer relationship management. Although it's not strictly used as an IT-based management system, it involves computer technology to organize, automate, and synchronize various business facets such as marketing, sales, customer service, as well as technical support.

An ideal CRM solution for a small or large business whether online or offline is one that serves efficiently the customer needs. The CRM must provide customers with the best service available. Before adopting CRM software you need to evaluate impartially factors like budget, user-base, company size and projected growth, and customer needs.

The CRM solution must be compatible with your office systems and integrate back-office and third-party applications. If your budget is not large consider a hosted CRM solution. To get more information on CRM Solution visit website

According to experts, it is best for you to create goals and have a requirements-driven approach. It is not important to have a CRM in place. What you need is a workable solution. A CRM system must create for you and in-depth understanding of the preferences and buy habits of your customers.

CRM must build and strengthen customer relations and improve product development and service delivery processes. Most important is your IT team and staff must receive CRM training and believe in its efficacy.

Since most business websites online are not tech savvy it is important to:

1. Determine specific business needs as far as CRM is concerned. Research on what customers seek and how their needs can be met. The CRM solution needs would be based on this.

2. Find out how a CRM works and how the system will apply to your business.

3. Determine whether your business needs an on-demand solution based online or just a run-on-windows application.

4. Search on the net for CRM solution providers who have handled business similar to yours.

5. Outline your needs and ask for a quote along with suggestions on the proposed system. Use the help of a CRM expert to evaluate the proposals. Make a comparison of price and services offered.


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Get The Help Of Real Estate Agent According To Your Needs December 1, 2016

If you are in the market to buy or even sell the property you are probably looking to connect with a real estate agent. There are so many different agencies and individual agents which can help you to get the best deal in the quick time. You need to take the help of those real estate agents which are very professionals and know their work very well. When you choose a real estate agent, you have to be very clear that what type of qualities you is looking for that real estate agent. Every agent has a different style and you may find that one has a style that better matches your own. You need to make a list of all by asking friends and relatives.

You need to select 4-5 agents. And then you need to take their interview of these agents. You need to clear every doubt related to that agent and about their business. Ask every question which will help you later. Make sure that you hire the experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent and have a good connection in that area in which you want. Choose a good real estate agent with the help of the internet. You can get the service of good real estate agent if you visit

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Help Of The Professionals For The Cleaning Of Drains

If you see that the drains of your homes are clogged up. You need to call professional drain cleaners instead of trying to clean drains yourself. You can damage the whole piping system which is inserted in your home. To clean drains, you use acids which are not good for the environment. To save extra money, it is the best advice to take the help of the professionals. When you hire the services of professional drain cleaners, they will try to fix the problem of the drains in the quick time. And they also know that how to fix these problems and with which equipment.

The main part of their equipment that these are eco-friendly so these causes no problem to the environment. When you have the service of professional then you will get to know that these professional are insured and they responsible if they break something and also they are responsible if the drain starts to clog up after few days. When you take the help of the professionals, they will give the suggestion about the shop from where you will get the piping material at discounted price. If you love to know about the best drain cleaning service then you need to click on it.

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Few Considerations Before Buying Diggers For Construction Work

It is safe to say that you are searching for a best purchase as far as overwhelming hardware like smaller than expected digger for individual or business use? Indeed, before you choose what unit to purchase, I am going to give you a few pointers to help you measure the best among the brands in the business sector.

To begin with, we need to consider the starting point of the unit. Having an organization closest you will dispense with costly delivering and taking care of in the meantime the vehicle cost. You can call us today to know more about the mini diggers.

In the event that you are peering toward for a greatest benefit out of the thing, import abroad is not the best choice since despite everything we need to consider its vehicle cost a risk. On the off chance that the business require more than one unit, then it is proper to shop abroad for a bundle bargain including delivery and taking care of.

The following stride subsequent to choosing whether to get one locally or abroad is to search for the best merchant. Well known merchants are those whom we trust for quality, proficiency, and consumer loyalty. All things considered, same thing applies for getting small scale diggers, for instance. We need to ensure that we will get the gear from a solid merchant.

On the off chance that we get the gear globally, ensure that the organization is very much spoken to in all areas and is a trusted name in hardware dealership. That way, we could ensure that we will get the best out of our cash. 

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Construction Tools and Apparatus

Construction tools are generally used for companies involved in building structures and roadways. These apparatus are quite necessary for implementation of various projects and road renovate works. There are many types of devices or tools that help in constructions.

Some of the construction tools are as follows:

1. Loader: The Loader or scoop vehicle is also popular in using majorly in road and building edifice projects. Loaders are of many types like bucket loader, front loader, back-end loader etc. Loaders also assist in moving materials like cement, log, sand, rock or gravel to other trucks or trailer cars. You can contact us to know more about the construction equipments.

2. Crane: A crane is maneuvered by switches and cables for elating and lowering resource supplies for building structures of a variety of kinds. Cranes are also used for demolition purpose along with boom trucks.

3. Excavator: It is a big instrument with extended arm and bucket to excavate holes or foundations in farmlands or construction projects. An excavator also performs other purposes like knocking down various structures, lifting materials, cutting wood in forests, landscape gardening and dredging the rivers etc.

4. Road Rollers: These tools facilitate in condensing or pulling down concrete, asphalt or gravel materials. This heavy apparatus is usually used for building large structures and for building roadways.

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An Essential Oil Diffuser November 30, 2016

What are essential oils?

These are oil extracts from plants, fruits, trees, or flowers. These are oils that when diffused in the air, through an essential oil diffuser, give off aromatic essences that are very good for both humans and animals. It is also very good for plants. For more information about the Best Essential Oil Diffuser Reviews, you can go through web.


What are the benefits of these oils?

When used and diffused in the air, they can create a big difference in your health and well-being. These oils can do many things from calming to relaxing your tired mind and body, to relieving you of headache, lung problems, and other illnesses.

 Essential aromatic essences are even used to increase sensuality and improve your life. When diffused in the air, they can clean it of microbes, viruses, and bacteria. When they are used, molds and mildew disappear and your room becomes pleasantly scented.

What is diffusion?

Diffusion is the process of releasing or spreading essential oils into the air; it could also mean the breaking down of oils into smaller molecules so they can float easily in the air and allow easier breathing.

What is an essential oil diffuser?

This is a tool used to diffuse or release essential essences into the air. There are different ways of diffusing essential oils into the air. The simplest diffuser is a tissue, cotton or cloth soaked with these oils and placed in an area near you or where people pass.

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Unique Approach to Military Clothing With Parachute Regiment T Shirts November 28, 2016

Military clothing does not have to be simple and boring. If you are looking for something more unique and interesting, with an undertone of beauty behind it then you should go for Parachute Regiment t-shirts. You can call us at 1-213-742-0020 if you want to know more about military services.

There are several parachute regiments – many armies have their own t-shirts. The most popular and iconic t-shirts are the British Parachute Regiments. There are a few designers who include details from other parachute Regiments into their clothing.

What's so special about Parachute t-shirts which make them appealing? The choice of color is the clearest difference – whereas all clothes in the military services are designed with green, white and black colors whereas the Parachute t-shirts are designed with crimson and red color.

They are the colors chosen by the British Military itself, and even more specifically its Regiment – and it's quite normal to see Parachute Regiment t-shirts in purple tones, bordering with green tones. 

Parachute Regiment t-shirts should include logos and graphics which are represented to differentiate one group from another – you'll commonly see them featured in a tiny and subtle manner on the shirts, instead of large logos that can be seen from a long distance.

If you want to know the variety of colors available in regiment t-shirts then you can explore stores that can provide you customized clothes of your choice. For this, you need to place an order and need to choose a base color for the t-shirt.

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The Making of Glass Funnels November 27, 2016

Smoke Cartel supplies wonderful glass funnels to people who love to smoke weed all around the world. The glass funnels sold by Smoke Cartel are really varied in shape, sizes, as well as colors. You might wonder how Smoke Cartel makes the glass funnels. The greater part of the manifestations winds up being exceptionally wonderful with a variety of hues and shapes. In the event that you've concluded that you'd get a kick out of the chance to figure out how to make a glass pipe then you ought to locate an appropriate educator to give you the general how-to.

Understanding the Making of Glass Funnels

On the other hand, in case you just wish to know a bit about how the wonderful bongs sold by Smoke Cartel are made, then you can read on. The most critical thing to consider when making a glass pipe is that the way toward blowing glass makes a great deal of warmth. The blowing can happen at more than two thousand degrees. It is essential to have the right instruments, security outfit, and to utilize alert when participating in this. Additionally, this is not an assignment that can be attempted at home without appropriate guideline and oversight, particularly in case you're simply figuring out how to blow glass without any prior experience.

You should read this only to help you get a thought of how delightfully outlined glass smoking channels are made. On the off chance that you are keen on making them yourself, you will require an educator. Try not to lift the materials over your head. The peril is in the hot glass trickling onto your skin, hands, face, and eyes. The glass by then will be extremely hot, and it can harm your skin. This is extremely unsafe. In case you wish to know more about the in-depth procedure or to buy one of these carefully crafted glass funnels, you should click on

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Reasons Why You Need A Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan November 26, 2016

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a concept that was basically conceptualized and performed to the late 1970s when computer administrators and businesses began to recognize the benefit and their reliance to computer networks and system.

Disaster Recovery would be the protection that you need to protect all your essential data. No need to bother in spending so much money on hard drives and memory cards for all your facts are put away in a secured network. It will not just help you manage all your data, it will also give you a more flexible storage area. To get more information about Microsoft office 365 west chester and disaster recovery plan, you can browse the web.

The disaster recovery service is sure to be dependable and useful. All your files are kept and properly secured and will be easily utilized wherever you may be. Several disaster recovery providers provide a secure remote access that enables only staff and organization managers to retrieve necessary information.

Important Reasons Why You Need A Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Self-Confidence: Employees and customers both will be grateful for the peace of mind that comes with protection against any sort of disaster.  Installing a computer backup system also displays professionalism and business expertise giving customers the impression that the business is ‘here to stay.’ This belief can actually stabilize and increase the essential customer base, helping the business to continue to grow.
  2. Organization: Another very important aspect to any business is good organization and proper documentation of data. With good data center disaster recovery plan in place, computer backup systems are often capable of organizing and sorting data easily, allowing access to files, which may have been mistakenly deleted or lost.

  1. Safekeeping Files: The risk of data destruction is extremely high with all of the worms and viruses threatening computer systems on a daily basis. When you have a computer backup system you can fix this confusion quickly by replacing the corrupted files. Then it is back to business to usual at its normal speed. You can read more about moving email to Microsoft office 365 online through various websites.
  2. Effectiveness: Computer backup systems support work efficiency by restoring damaged or deleted files. You have to realize that data center disaster recovery plans are useful in minor problems or accidents as well as a full-blown disaster.
  3. Money Saving: A data center disaster recovery plan saves a ton of business money. You are saving money in the long run by having a computer backup system in place.
  4. Worst Circumstance: If you are struck with any type of disaster and your valuable data is completely deleted, not to worry; all you have to do is go to your online computer backups that can restore all the data that was lost.
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