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All You Need To Know About Physical Therapy September 10, 2017

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Physical therapy is a form of western medicine also known as physiotherapy. It is an important medical service, encompassing research, consultation and clinical practice, and run by highly-educated individuals.

What Does Physical Therapy Treat?

Physical therapists, or physiotherapists, work with amputees, people suffering from orthopedic and flexibility issues, and patients with motion and balance problems. Multiple forms of therapy and medicine are used to treat such health problems, ranging from kinesiology (the use of mechanical force) to electrotherapy and exercise therapy.

How Do Physiotherapists Work?

Physiotherapists work in hospitals, healthcare centers, and nursing and residential care centers. When dealing with patients, they examine the patient’s medical history, and then, through diagnosis, lay out a program their patient should follow for recovery. The program typically consists of exercises, stretching maneuvers, and use of mechanical apparatus. The use of touch therapy is a reason for why some aspiring to be physiotherapists take massage therapy courses in Sydney.

What Are Some Benefits Of Physical Therapy?

Besides treating the conditions mentioned above, physical therapy has several other advantages. For one, physical therapists use ultrasound, electrical stimulation and joint mobilization to help reduce the pain felt by their patients. The programs physical therapists develop for their patients usually mean that they can recover without resorting to surgery, a rather expensive procedure. They also help treat other conditions such as vertigo, heart and lung diseases, and diabetes, and post-partum issues for woman.

Physical therapy is a service provided by licensed professionals who help people suffering from a wide variety of health issues.