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Less Known Features of WhatsApp November 28, 2017

All of us uses WhatsApp and might be thinking that we are utilizing this amazing app with all its features. But the fact is that there a lot of features in WhatsApp which are least known to the majority of users. Because of this, those features will remain in the app without being used and can prevent you from using the WhatsApp in the full swing. Here we are not talking about the features like whatsapp video status or location sharing option which you are already using or been aware of. Do you know the WhatsApp Chat Pin option? This helps to keep your frequently contacted person’s chat at the top of the chat list. You can do this by clicking on the particular chat for few seconds and then select the Pin icon displayed on the top of the WhatsApp tab.

The “Add Chat Shortcut” is also a similar feature. Click on any particular chat for a few seconds and then go to the options. Now you can find the Add Chat Shortcut option, the selection of which will create a shortcut of the chat with that person on your home screen. Now you can start a chat with him easily by going to this shortcut. WhatsApp allows the creation of GIF files from any existing videos in your smartphones. To check this option, select any videos to be sent through WhatsApp by clicking on the attachment icon. Once you reduce the duration of the video to less than 7 seconds, you can find a GIFF icon which will send the video as a GIFF file. Those who want to use the WhatsApp in regional languages can go to the Settings>Chats>App language and select the languages available there.