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Mind Blowing Smoothie Recipes January 2, 2018

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables has outstanding advantages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can get all the balanced nutrients from them. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of many essential substances like mineral and vitamins which keep us away from the unwanted diseases. However, eating them on the daily basis is a bit tricky task. But with the help of a perfect smoothie, you can make this possible. In order to prepare the smoothie, fruits and vegetables are put together in a smoothie maker. According to the recipes, the right amount of various ingredients is determined by the perfect taste and health.

There are many recipes to prepare a smoothie which can be a good guidance for you. The only home appliance that you will need for this is just a smoothie maker. There are some smoothie recipes which you can prepare easily at home without putting many efforts into it. You can include these things in your diet to make it perfect.

List of various ingredients

–    One navel orange, peeled

–    Half banana, make it peeled

–    One cup of tightly packed organic spinach

–    One fourth coconut water, make changes as per your preferences

–    One tablespoon of hemp seeds,

–    Ice as per taste and needs

How to maintain the hygienic condition

Fresh ingredients are the key to every good recipe. You should always make sure that everything is pure and fresh for a delicious smoothie. There are some ingredients which are available only in a particular season. You can take the substitute of such ingredients with the similar type of fruits and vegetables. The process of making a smoothie ready is very simple. You should put all the ingredients in the smoothie maker. Now you should process it on the high speed to make sure that everything is blended well.  In order to get all the benefits make sure that you pour it immediately. This will also reduce the danger of developing unwanted bacteria and you will be getting a pure and fresh smoothie.