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Red meat vs white meat August 11, 2017

While meat is an excellent way of getting proteins and various nutrients, as well as energy, a common debate is which meat is better for consumption. To help you in choosing which is best for you, here are some basic differences between red meat and white meat.

  • Fat content and nutrition

The primary difference between white and red meat is that white meat has a relatively lower fat content, in comparison to red meat. White meat is therefore a leaner source of protein. Moreover, red meat is rich in iron, which is easy to absorb for the body compared to other forms of iron, and is rich in vitamin B as well.

  • Varieties and availability

With respect to meat home delivery Sydney has various butchers and meat companies that offer delivery services for all sorts of red meats. While white meat consists of meat obtained from fish, chicken and some types of birds, except duck and geese, red meats have a far greater variety coming from all different types of cattle, hunting animals, and duck and geese. Pork is considered white according to culinary experts, although it has nutritional value of red meat.

  • Dietary benefits

White meat is far richer in omega-3 fatty acids, which is essential for helping build a greater immunity level. Moreover, the protein in white meat is easier for our bodies to absorb compared to that in red meat. However, white meats are rich in calories, resulting in more energy derived from it as well.

Based on your needs and evaluation, choose between the various meats based on these basic differences.