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Let Thai Apps handle your travel requirements April 8, 2018


When the most horrifying exams end, it is time for the most awaited time of the year, the vacation time. And when it is summer vacation you have just no time to waste but pack your bags and get set go for the most favorite vacation spot Thailand. Vacationing in Thailand has become even more comfortable and convenient with several apps. So, grab your smartphone with these apps installed in it and get set go.

Before you start your trip to Thailand let’s have a fair idea about the few most helpful and useful apps that would prove to be your best friends when abroad.

  1. Thai Free apps are very much available for free download and installation. There are such apps that take care of your entire itineraries for your trip. Right from flight booking to stay arrangements, sight-seeing arrangements to the finding of interesting spots, everything is flawlessly handled making you worry-free throughout your journey.
  2. There are also experienced travelers who are available for chat and help you by guiding the trip.
  3. When you cannot decide where to go and how to go on your own, your most suitable guide available right at your fingertips is an app by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.
  4. In Thailand when you move to Bangkok, it can’t be that you would not board the Bangkok Skytrain. Apps are there which can help you with every big and small information related to the BTS. 
  5. Apps that provide dictionary services like English to Thai and Thai to English could be highly helpful to move an inch when you are abroad.
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4 Tips To Make Your Mobile App Successful November 21, 2017

Mobile application development has been booming around the world for the past few years. Nowadays there is an app for everything; from your diet plans to tour guides. Interestingly enough, if you happen to visit Asia anytime soon there is a Thailand travel guide app that may be able to make your trip easy.

Courtesy-App Institute

However, if you aren’t a user, then here are few tips that may help you make your app successful. 

  • Value

One of the main reasons behind an application’s success is the value that it holds in the eye of the users. If your app is just an addition to the website or an extension, then you won’t be able to build up users’ interest. It has to be unique so they are in a way extracting value.

  • Simplicity is the key

Simple apps are easier to run, they provide a better user experience and they are user friendly. You want your users to enjoy the app and not get confused with the complexities of it. Your focus should be on the features and forefront goal accomplishment.

  • Performance

It is important that you know what kind of an impact your website holds over your business. This can only be done if you are able to measure the performance. Know your app inside out, look for the features that are effective and utilize them to enhance the performance.

  • Marketing

Use a similar marketing strategy for the app as you did when you launched the website, it is important that the users know you’re launching.

Allow your users to reach out to you and take the feedback in a positive manner. Use this information to make your app better.

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