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Children’s Heart Surgery – Symptoms and Available Treatments April 7, 2017

For many children that are born with heart defects, also known as congenital defects, heart surgery immediately after birth or after a couple of months with regards to the severity might be required. Some defects are minor and some are major. 

The ailment might be directly to the heart or even a blood vessel that is away from heart. Typically a single surgery can rectify the problem, but with regards to the ailment, the specialist at the Children's Heart Hospital may suggest some procedures. Early detection and treatments aided by advance technology has significant improve living of new born. You can seek for more guidance on heart issues in kids from

Symptoms that you should be trying to find

• Blue or grey skin – This suggests that the oxygen flow in the blood isn't adequate.

• Difficulty in breathing.

• Arrhythmias – Heart rate or heart rhythm isn't normal.

• Lack of growth and development in a child or poor feeding and sleeping. 

Open Heart Surgery

Among the various Children's Heart Treatments, open heart surgery is quite common. Open heart surgery is once the surgeon runs on the heart – lung bypass machine. The child is given general anesthesia meaning he's completely unconscious and does not feel the pain. The surgeon makes an incision through the breast bone. The blood is rerouted using tubes via a special machine called heart – lung bypass machine. This machine also adds oxygen to the blood in order to keep it warm. 

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