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Lets Do the Canyoneering in Badian, Cebu December 14, 2017

Cebu has everything to offer. From its beautiful beaches to majestic waterfalls and of the highlight of Cebu is the Canyoneering where you will walk, swim, jump and scramble. If one would describe Cebu in one word, it would be excellent. Let’s do Canyoneering in Badian!

So what to bring when you go Canyoneering?

These are the perfect lists of things that you should consider important during the activity. There are maybe some other things to bring but not as important than these things on this list.

Proper Swimming Clothes

We’re not talking about the two-piece swimsuits or the one-piece swimsuit but one can risk if she wanted to. Most of the people wore rash guards and leggings to protect them from sunburns and bruises during the activity, but you can choose any clothes as long as you’re comfortable. Be sure enough to wear the right clothes since the place will not be a smooth and easy trail. If you’re buying online on what to wear during the activity, avoid buying the thin one.

CrossFit Training Shoes/Men Sandals

If you have your own aqua shoes or men sandal then that is perfect for the activity. This is somewhat optional since you can rent aqua shoes in the area. We suggest this because one might look for a perfect size that fits. The first priority must be safety.

GoPro or any underwater Camera

You really need to, I mean really. GoPro or any underwater camera would do. Who would want to leave the place without any documentation. If you haven’t bought or was not able to charge the day before, you can rent at the place. You can also bring two or three batteries for it because it will take you 4 to 5 hours to finish the activity.


This includes the less necessary things like towel, sunblock, tumbler/water, power bank, extra money and extra clothes and the list include the things that you wish to bring.

We will greatly advise you to book Oslob Canyoneering Day Tour Package for a more convenient tour as you discover the beautiful Islands of Cebu

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