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Worldwide Brands – Is It Still Useful in 2018? March 11, 2018

Worldwide Brands is the leading directory of suppliers in the United States and Canada (as well as elsewhere) and there are a number of Worldwide Brands reviews that you can read through online, much more detailed than this one.  However, I want to make a quick post to go over the key points and summarise why I think World Wide Brands is still useful in 2018.

Worldwide Brands – The Advantages

There are two key advantages that Worldwide Brands has over alternatives like Doba and Salehoo, as well as searching for suppliers online:

1. With Worldwide Brands all the drop shippers, wholesalers and manufacturers are in the same searchable directory, which makes them easier to find – but as they are competing for your business, there is much more chance of getting low prices through a directory than contacting individual suppliers.

2. All of the suppliers in Worldwide Brands are fully certified and there is no risk that any might be scams.

These advantages are as useful now as they were back in 1999 when Worldwide Brands was first founded, so Worldwide Brands is indeed still the best source of suppliers in 2018 and will be for years to come.  Although it is expensive at $300, Worldwide Brands is an investment that's still worth making – and there are discounts available too.

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