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Review Fender DuoSonic Guitar August 22, 2017

According to a famous expression, you’ll be known by the company you keep. Regrettably, that’s not true with this great Fender DuoSonic, that many guitarists have considered a “newcomer’s,” “pupil” or “entrylevel” tool ever since its introduction way back in 1956.
Through time the humble DuoSonic was a popular “secret weapon” of many legendary guitarists, such as Rory Gallagher, John McLaughlin, Mike Bloomfield, Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix.
These players all fell in love with the DuoSonic’s particular personality, and guitarists searching for something a bit different compared to a Strats and Teles will be sensible to test it out for themselves.
The DuoSonic was from this Fender lineup for many decades, but recently reintroduced version is closest in total soul to the early Sixties variant of this DuoSonic, with a plastic pickguard (although at the threeply mint green), even smaller “preCBS”design headstock, chromeplated knurled flattop master volume and master tone knobs, threeposition pickup selector toggle switch and DuoSonic singlecoil pickups at a directly (bridge) and angled (throat) configuration.
Like the midSixties variant, it’s a slightly bigger thinner body contour, reverse wind/reverse polarity circuit for authentic humbucking functionality when both pickups are chosen and a bolton neck using 24inch scale (in comparison with the 22.5inch scale of earlier models, that was also a choice during the mid Sixties).
Forget about the DuoSonic’s “newcomer” guitar standing–this really is really a compact pit bull which may provide superaggressive bridge and bridge tones which are the perfect hybrid of Tele twang and Strat squall. When strumming fresh rhythms, the tone features a fantastic metallic clang using jangly sting and amazing midsize punch–no wonder Byrne preferred this particular model.
What I like best about the DuoSonic is the way the shorter scale permits players to utilize considerably heavier gauge strings than they would normally use. Even the slinkier tension eases string stinks even when utilizing .013s or .014therefore, therefore it can create milder, meatier tone without sacrificing playability.
*The DuoSonic single coil pickups are wired into a inverse wind/reverse polarity configuration to supply true humbucking functionality when both pickups are chosen.
*The stringthrubody Strat hardtail bridge using stainless steel saddles is a modern update that provides improved tone move and precise intonation adjustment. Search for Electricguitarguide in order to know more about how electric guitar pedals work.
The DuoSonic may get a shorter scale and bigger dimensions (and smaller price tag), however, its own distinctive tones which fall in between the very best of a Strat and Tele are absolutely enormous.

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