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Tips On Caring For Potted Plants In The Office March 30, 2017

One of the best ways to make your office look attractive and welcoming is to introduce plants. Not only do they give an attractive look to the workplace but also make the environment healthy for your employees. Following are a few tips that help you take care of your plants:


1. Selecting right plants for office

When introducing plants in your office, it is very essential that you consult indoor plant hire regarding the kind of plants that can be added. This is because it is not necessary that all plants survive indoors. For example, there are plants that require more sunlight than others. It is advisable to use snake plants or dracaena in the office as they require very less sunlight and maintenance.

2. Take care of plants

There are chances that you may get busy with work and forget all about the plants. This kind of carelessness can cause them to wilt or die. It is essential that you properly care for the plants even if you are going on a leave. You must ensure to ask someone to water them or you can avail services of professional gardeners.

3. Feed your plants

Similar to humans, plants also require food to grow. After every few weeks it is necessary to feed them with suitable fertilizers. Every plant needs different kinds of fertilizers so consult a professional before using any.

These are some of the tips that can help you in keeping your office plants alive and fresh.

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