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An overview of the stories on the wall July 26, 2017

Over the ages society has evolved a certain set of rules, even the way art is expressed. Street art eliminates that aspect and takes the viewers back to the most primitive type of art, which is fullness of expression, no matter the form that expression might take. Street art reveals to the viewers the inner workings of the artists mind without being restricted to a certain statute, for example a certain class of society.

Courtesy – weekendnotes

Once a wall can become a canvas for thoughts, ideas and beliefs that is when street art is formed

From a technical aspect street art can give the point of view of an artist and where he lives. The street art in Melbourne is known for its diversity and its plethora of color. It has become a tourist attraction for people who live all over the world.

The way it has evolved and continues evolving is truly striking

It shows his thoughts and lets his beliefs come out to the public eye. With media, expression is limited to the medium and public view but with street art, the possibilities are endless.

Although it started out secretly and was thought of as a crime, people now think of it as a canvas to fight against things they are against or to help bring people closer together.

It not only brightens up people’s day, but also gives them an insight on the issues of society and other controversies.

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