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Ways To Stop Your Glassware From Smashing! September 23, 2017

Keeping glassware from smashing into a million little pieces seems quite a challenge these days. The problem isn’t dropping them anymore but the problem seems to have shifted to glassware getting damaged and breaking without as much as a warning. Continue reading to learn how to keep your glassware from getting damaged.


Allow It Time To Cool

Once out of the dishwasher, allow it time to cool. If it’s freshly washed with hot water and you immediately pop in some ice cubes and soda, the glass is likely to break. It is best to allow it to cool before using it. This is the best advice given by glassware wholesale suppliers.

Avoid Putting Silverware In Glassware

Using a silver spoon to stir lemonade in the judge is a big no. Either dissolve the sugar separately in a mug or use a plastic spoon for mixing. But using a silver spoon to aggressively mix the contents of the jug? Might as well smash the jug on the floor and break.

Every Single Clank Counts

Nothing like the sound of glasses clinking against each other! As much as we love to clink our glasses together when celebrating, it is best to raise the glasses and skip the clinking because every clink adds up. This problem does not only occur due to toasting but also when stacking glassware together. Extreme care should be taken while handling glassware. The more the blows it takes the more quickly it will break.

While handling glassware, keep in mind the three basic tip mentioned above and you will be significantly able to reduce the damage caused to your glassware. 

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