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Taking Your Baby To The Beach July 11, 2018

Going to the beach as a family can be a lot of fun, but taking a baby with you can present some unique challenges that you'll have to exert a bit of effort to overcome. It's probably going to be hot and it's definitely going to be sandy, so here are a few tips for you if you're taking your baby to the beach this summer.

First thing's first: a swim diaper. If you're planning on getting them into the water at all, you're not going to want to use disposable diapers. Their only purpose is to contain solid waste and keep your baby's butt covered up. Regular diapers will swell up and become uncomfortable on your baby in the water; they'll also weigh them down, which is bad for the baby's ability to float. You'll want to keep a few of these around, because once one is soiled, it has to be washed before it can be used again. Keep 2 or 3 of these around or use disposables.

A portable playpen to keep baby and their toys in can be great, especially one that has a canopy on top. You can check those out at

The next thing you need to think about is protection from the sun. An umbrella or a playpen with a canopy on it can help with this. You can also use sunblock, which contains less harmful ingredients for your baby's skin than sunscreen.

Always bring your baby a hat. It's one of the best things that you can do to help protect their head, neck, and ears from getting sunburned.

Pack some cornstarch with you. It works wonders to get sand off of dirty babies; just sprinkle some onto your little one, rub it in, and watch the magic. It helps dry their skin some and allows the sand to stop adhering to them. You can also use talc-free baby powder.

Finally, a travel bath tub for your baby will help a lot when it's bath time back at the hotel room, if you're far from home. It may be the better choice than trying to just cornstarch all the sand away!