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Why Control Valves Are Soo Popular Nowadays In Industries November 13, 2017

Control valves are used widely in various kinds of businesses to control physical conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature and liquid level. Controlling such conditions is quite important in oil & gas and manufacturing businesses to keep a steady flow of materials within the safety limits.

This is achieved by opening or closing the control valves, either entirely or partly to modulate the flow of fluids, from the reaction of the detectors. To get more familiar with different kinds of valves and their working you should visit

control valves

The sensors sense and gauge the conditions like temperature and pressure, and a microcontroller compares their size to the specified value. After contrast, it sends proper controlling signs to open or close the control valve.

Valve’s actuator: It’s used to automatically open or close the valve, according to the controlling signal to change the flow of fluids. Electrical actuators have motors that are driven by an electric voltage or current supply.

Such actuators are easy to control, as electrical signals are easily moderated by microcontrollers and amplifiers. Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are extremely similar in structure and include a piston and cylinder arrangement. In the event of a hydraulic actuator, the cylinder is full of water, while in pneumatic ones, it’s full of air.