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Why We Need Power Conditioning For Uninterrupted Services November 13, 2017

Power conditioning is one of those most popular but equally important functions of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Its primary purpose, obviously, would be to provide a supply of electric energy to keep the continuity of business throughout an interruption in mains electricity or until an alternate source of energy (like a generator) starts up.

There are issues related to raw mains electricity which could cause problems for electronics. Outlet-Metered PDUs are power distribution units (which is also known as PDUs Outlet-Metered เป็นหน่วยแจกจ่ายพลังงาน in the Thai language), these are used to provide uninterrupted services to the customers.

outlet pdu

At best, electricity problems can lead to gear (especially telecommunications and computer equipment) to crash or lock. At worst, they can bring about a complete breakdown – thus entailing costly and disruptive replacement or repair.

In the case of computers, they can also lead to information being lost or corrupted, which for many businesses which are heavily regulated (such as finance and banking) can be disruptive to business, damaging to credibility and reputation, and in extreme cases, may cause heavy fines or financial penalties.

Power Conditioning, therefore, by uninterruptible power supplies and related equipment, is a procedure by which it monitors incoming mains power, cleanses it and considerably lowers the effect of problems like those highlighted already. Some UPS, fitted with special filters, can lessen the impact of harmonics. All UPS keep frequencies to within prescribed limitations thus correcting frequency changes.