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By - Kim Garza

Great Savings for the Modern Day Shopper

Things are more expensive these days than they were some years back, because of the new trends and new technologies that have made the cost of production rise up, leading to the rise in the cost of goods and services. However, you do not have to pay so much for modern clothes, accessories, shoes and other items that your family

By - Kim Garza

Accidental Injury: When To Call An Attorney

In case you have been injured and is unable to work, financial stability could be achieved with the assistance of a lawyer. Presently there may doubt whether or not or not legal assistance is truly necessary. The following are situations in which a legal professional may be useful. Debilitating Injuries Accidents that cause debilitating injuries, which cause lifestyle adaptations, will

By - Kim Garza

Self Defense – Pepper Spray – Who Uses It?

Maybe if you knew some of the people who use pepper sprays all over the world it would convince you how effective it is and change your mind about whether you should carry one. First of all, let me say that it is the most popular self-defense item there is. It has been around for thousands of years ever since

By - Kim Garza

The Golden Cord review

CONFIDENTIAL CONFESSIONS: DEAI             Reiko Momochi • Deai, “Phone Dating”  • Tokyopop (2006) • Kodansha (Dessert, 2003) • 2 volumes • Shôjo, Suspense, Drama • 16+ (brief language, brief violence, nudity)             The only Confidential Confessions story more than one volume long, Deai focuses on Japan’s subculture of cell phone text-messaging dating services (deai-kei). Rika, a girl who lives with