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By - Kim Garza

3 Smart Wholesale Promotional Product Strategies

From a business perspective knowing how your marketing and product placement strategies are working is often hard to gauge, as at some stage we have all owned an item with a logo on it and used it repeatedly but how does the company that this logo represents gauge this usage. Out of sight out of mind is a significant phrase in promotional products. Contact Enhance Promotions for the latest wholesale options and ideas.

Here are 3 ideas that can help enhance an overall promotional product campaign.

1. Credit card holders

Strong promotional items are designed to be an ongoing reminder of the brand in everyday use. The goal is to create customer relations and loyalty which is achieved through the clever use of a promotional gift.

The psychology behind promotional gifts is the appreciation and feel good factors that create a favourable impression of the brand. Why not include contact details as an example on a credit card holder; this becomes a long-term-business card that takes a lot longer to depreciate than a standard paper-based business card.

2. Coffee Mugs

The average working day for an employee is 8 hours.  Many of the world's workforce are desk-based during this period. If you have given your gift to someone that uses this highly accessible space then your branded material is lightly to be on that desk for a very long time, in essence, you have secured some precious advertising space for a considerable period. From the average office worker up to high-level management, your product is now a permanent advertisement for your brand and your brand's message.

3. Bottle Openers / Key Rings

Instead of giving away a carton of beer with a value of let's say $5, you are giving away a key ring or bottle opener that has the same perceived value to the customer. However, the product could have cost you as little as $1.50. Leaving you with a higher profit margin from your promotion and enhances your product in the consumer's mind, but has the longevity of continual use over a more extended period. 

These subliminal ideas are crucial to the success of Wholesale Promotional Products.