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By - Kim Garza

Basic Information On Rubbish Removal

Waste management refers to a group of activities that includes collection of waste generated as a result of various human activities, transportation of the collected wastes to dumps, and disposal or reprocessing of this waste in the appropriate manner.

Waste management is resorted to undermine its effects on the health of the general public as well for the purpose of aesthetics. The waste may be solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive and may be hazardous or non-hazardous. You can  also navigate to to get more information online.

The actual methods of rubbish removal vary from place to place. Many places in Europe use underground vacuum suction systems in which wastes are removed through conduits. Many countries have resorted to curb side collection of wastes. The wastes are deposited into bins or skips on curb sides and organized appropriately as recyclable, organic, hazardous, etc.

Alternately waste can be dumped in specified civic amenity sites by the residents themselves free of charge. However, proof that they are residing in the area may need to be provided.

Different types of bins are used for different wastes such as construction wastes, hazardous wastes, electrical items, electronic wastes and clinical and other wastes that need to be quarantined. These skips/bins are made of fiber reinforced plastics or other environmentally friendly materials.

Private entrepreneurs and companies also offer junk removal services for homes and offices. Appliances such as used refrigerators, mixers, television sets, etc., bulky items, and office equipment including non-functional computers, copiers, furniture, printers, etc., are removed by junk hauling services. Some of these companies also offer garbage/ leaf removal facilities from areas in the cities/villages.