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Mazy Kazerooni

Be Social

By - Kim Garza

“Be Prepared” For Facilitating Discovery Meetings – Tools and Techniques

As a rule, individuals are sick of going to meetings and disclosure sessions. In the business world, business experts, venture supervisors, senior administrators and every other partner are occupied individuals who should have their time utilized astutely.

Here are some of the techniques you can use to get participation, gain consensus and leverage your stakeholders in discovery sessions and meetings.

1. Get your introductions established with key takeaways from the participants. This helps the facilitator align the session objectives with stakeholders expectations.

2. Establish the "rules of engagement" and "who they are as a team". The rules of engagement provide a context for the session structure and acceptable behaviours. The team question helps establish how the participants see themselves. For more info on meeting tools, you can head to

3. Be clear on the "business problems" being addressed and the "solution context". Clear business problem definition should be created in partnership with the sponsors and senior stakeholders prior to the session. The solution context provides a framework for the participants to frame their thinking in addressing issues. It does not mean the facilitator is providing solutions.

4. Use a variety of people and group dynamic tools and techniques. For example, 

a. Buzz Groups to buzz on an assigned topic for 10 to 20 minutes that have been established by the facilitator. 

b. Team Pods to group people into working units at common tables facing one-another so they get engaged.