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By - Maria George

Best Content Marketing Trends

Each year appears to bring a fresh set of advertising tendencies, those"can not miss" chances that shout out for attention. When we were to jump on each fashion, we would surely grow dizzy from fatigue. Nonetheless, there are a few tendencies that we would be foolish to not recognize.

As we start the last phase of 2017, many businesses are working through the invention of a bona fide content advertising strategy. You can get to know more information about content marketing service providers in Seattle by reading online.

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If that is you, here are a few hints: Native advertisements are still the gateway drug to achievement, and cellular has been the taste of each month. Nevertheless, Smart Insights reports that article promotion is the one most important method of driving incremental earnings in 2017. In an industry that is all about experimentation, some crucial trends stick out.

Listed below are 10 content marketing and advertising trends which everybody is discussing.

1. Brands Will Continue to Invest Original Content

Lately, it became public knowledge that technology giant Apple will spend $1 billion in original content. Though some gossip says that Apple is making this move to take on Netflix, we think there is more about Apple's head than movie streaming. As competition in this area warms up, brands will need to keep relevant. Valuable, first programming can help businesses develop an audience and maintain current clients satisfied.

Google can also be buying original content from media companies and brands to fill in articles openings, while Facebook is investing substantial sums of funds on the initial video. Not to be summarized, online buying giant Amazon will possibly be the most significant investor whatsoever. Although the consequences remain to be seen, 1 thing is for certain: articles promotion is taking the spotlight.