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By - Maria George

Broad Purposes of Landscape Design

Determining the purpose of landscape design is an undoubted effort, because it requires synthesizing many explanations of phrases that seem very different from the number of landscapes. In such a way that it presents a summary of the philosophy of outdoor design being a confusing task. 

At the most basic level, landscape design serves nature. The writings of most landscape designers include concepts related to sustainability, ecology, and nature conservation. This environmental design aspect deals with problems such as insuring proper drainage, preventing soil erosion, creating an outdoor environment that will last through time – as well as natural arrangements before humans change it – and more poetically, being "responsive to the nature of the site."

At a more abstract level, most but not all garden stylists talk about bridging the gap between humans and nature. Some planting designers use contrasting language to describe this function. One of the craftsmen mentioned combines culture and nature. The other refers to reconciliation between humans and nature. Others point to the goal of landscape design as integrating "man-made buildings into natural settings."

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You can visit this website to find the landscaping experts who offer best landscape designs. Other natural artists talk about "integrating human technology into natural settings." An Islamic environmental designer described the need to maintain "the fluidity between internal and external space." While some outdoor site planners provide the same interests for culture and nature, some give more weight to one or the other.