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By - Maria George

Business Leadership Training And Succession Planning

All businesses need to have great leadership. Great leadership is not only to be found in the company's top management; but, everyone in the company should have leadership skills.

That's why business leadership training should be part of every company's talent management strategy. Another key component of corporate talent management strategy must succession planning. One can check out  in order to find out about leadership coaching Houston.

Succession planning is something every company can do and there are many benefits to having a succession planning program.

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The Benefits Of Having A Succession Planning Program:

o Improve the ability to attract top talent

o Improve the ability to keep top talent

o Reduced recruitment costs

o Increase employee satisfaction

o Increase productivity

o Creating a "bench strength"

o Facilitate the growth of the organization

the great succession planning process begins with the identification of the player. There are several methods to identify the top performers. There is a performance assessment. You can use a 360-degree feedback assessment or other assessment to determine who the top players in the organization. The main thing is you want to have a consistent approach to identifying top performers.

You want to see the expertise necessary for the work that someone potentially could be promoted into and determine whether the top players are fit for the position.

At this stage, you mostly see the match of behavior, motivation, and capacity standpoint. The best way to determine the attributes of a person is by using validated employment assessments.