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By - Maria George

CCTV Camera System – Important Information You Need Before Buying

Is that a CCTV camera?

CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed Circuit Television. CCTV cameras are used to monitor the specific area where they are installed. Modern CCTV systems consist of several parts that are used simultaneously to achieve proper monitoring and detection. These parts are DVR, camera, hard disk drive, cable, monitor and power supply.

DVR and Functions

DVR or Digital Video Recorder plays a very important role in the whole CCTV camera system. In layman's terms, this is the heart of CCTV systems. This is where you record, playback and control your camera. This DVR comes in various types but has almost the same function.

D1 is full

When you hear the word D1 in full, it means that the DVR has the highest resolution offered by other CCTV systems. Combine this with a high specification CCTV camera and you will have the best CCTV system.

Full D1 DVR is usually used for industrial purposes that apply security and strict settings where face identification is very important. The problem with this DVR is that the price is much higher than other types of DVRs, but with very minimal picture differences with their colleagues. You can browse to know more about CCTV camera system.

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Half D1 Half CIF

For small businesses or for environments that are not too strict, Half D1 is acceptable. This is the most commonly used DVR today because the price is very affordable but offers high-quality images.

When you say half D1 it means that only half of the number of cameras installed on the DVR can reach its maximum resolution (480x320p), while the other half can only manage to provide (360x280p).

Full CIF

CIF is another type of DVR. This type produces the lowest quality, although for some people it is acceptable. The full CIF DVR produces 360x280p resolution on all installed cameras.

Some people might not even see the difference between the types of DVRs but for those who have background knowledge with CCTV or those who have a very clear vision, this type is not good.

They don't produce high-quality images, which makes it the cheapest and least used DVR. The complete CIF DVR is the oldest DVR model.

DVR and its features

The modern type of Digital Video Recorder processes video compression as low as possible, H.264. This is why recording and playback can now be extended to several months, not several days. Now you can also connect it to the internet, so you can access your camera remotely or from another location using your computer or cellphone.

These features make it easier for some people to run their business even though it's actually not there. There are other more sophisticated features offered by CCTV cameras such as motion detection, video loss alarm, power loss alarm, manual and scheduled recording and other entries that reduce your protection and your personal security.