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Mazy Kazerooni

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By - Kim Garza

Choosing the Perfect Deck

Today's consumers understand that no wood or wood product exposed to weather is going to be totally maintenance-free. Even exotic woods like Ipe need periodic cleaning and sealing as the natural oils within the wood dry out.All external lumber used in deck building should be sustained every year to protect it from the rudiments and ground in dirt.

While the primary cost of composites is higher, there's almost no maintenance cost, in dollars or elbow grease. That's because all of our composites are maintenance free – there's no need to water-seal or limit them. Whereas with wood, you might pay $3 per square foot for a good renovation every year or so (and even more than that for reappearing every 10 to 15 years), composites only need sweeping and an infrequent hosing-off. You can call us at 1300719235 to know more about different designs and types of decks.

That means that any of these elements on or near the surface of the board, no matter what they are mixed with, will react to Mother Nature the same way all wood does. Graying and discoloration are common glitches – and the stuff of nightmares for deck proprietors.

Some manufacturers have recommended using bleach or oxygenated bleach to clean the wood, but the results have been varied. Most pressure washing contractors who do deck restoration are finding success through products made particularly for this problem, such as Flood's Composite Wood Cleaner.