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By - Maria George

Classic Style Statement With Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings have been known as symbols of ancient beauty. The paintings from the resurrection era are full of women adorned with pearl jewelry. More specifically, they match everything from the softest cocktail dresses to the meanest career suits. Here we introduce you to various aspects of pearl earrings including cost, value, and type.

They can be natural, derived from oysters or synthetic, produced in chemical laboratories. They can be manufactured into what is commonly called plastic pearls which have no real value and are not suitable beyond children's funky jewelry. You can find the best earrings from MishaHawaii.

Oyster pearls can be either freshwater – which comes from natural water sources or cultured pearls – that are produced by oysters on pearl farms.

Perfect examples will be white and round in shape. Such specimens are very rare and difficult to work with. They also take the price of dropping the jaw. Likewise, there are also various shapes such as baroque pearls that are especially suitable for earrings.

Pearl earrings are thrown in various designs. The simplest and most impactful is a single pearl stud, often equipped with a string of pearls around the neck. Chandelier earrings and other hangers make bold statements.

Earrings made in combination with metals and other precious stones such as gold, titanium, platinum, and diamonds. This can significantly increase the cost of earrings. Rare pearls are hard to find.

Always look for laboratory authenticity certifications. You can also shop for loose pearls by yourself and then incorporate them into the designs of your choice by jewelry stores.