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By - Kim Garza

Common Safety Equipment To Have On Hand

When at a factory site protective equipment is a must. In most cases it is even required by the law to provide to protective equipment to workers to ensure no accident or damage occurs. Otherwise risk a lawsuit.

Most common type of protective equipment can be put into major categories:

  • Eyes face protection: Safety glasses, face shields are used in conjunction when using machinery that might get into the face. Examples include anything to do with grinding, cutting or welding or nailing. Harmful chemicals or flying particles are a hazard. Glasses or shields should also be own if the worker is supposed to work on electrical systems that are energized to provide safety from electrical hazards.
  • Foot Protection: boots with puncture resistant soles or slip resistant or even common work shoes should be worn by workers in construction. When using heavy equipment, safety toes footwear is essential to prevent toes being crushed or falling objects
  • Hand Protection: right gloves should be worn for the right job. Heavy duty rubber gloves in concrete related work, welding gloves or insulates gloves and or sleeves for electrical jobs. Gloves should also be a snug fit to ensure no snagging takes place.


  • Head protection:  hard hats for safety against potential falling objects, bumps from fixed objects or head contact with electrically hazardous machinery should be worn at all times in factory or construction sites. Hats should also be routinely inspected for cracks deterioration or dents. It should also be replaced after an accident to maintain good condition.
  • Hearing protection should also be used when working with noise machines or in high noise areas.

Safety supply solutions are an important part of the job and one should ensure that all the equipment are in prime running condition to avoid an damage.