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By - Kim Garza

Drug and Alcohol Test on the Road

Are you currently planning to acquire a driver's license? Then you may be fairly well aware that passing a drug and alcohol evaluation is just one of its most significant requirements.

Over a decade ago, the authorities began to need anyone who owns or rents motor vehicles or carriers to submit her or himself to alcohol and drug testing before acquiring a driver's permit. You can purchase alcohol test kits online via

And prior to a driver's permit could be issued to a specific person, they should be alcohol and drug-free. A closer look at the importance of alcohol and drug evaluations to road safety will help us understand the significance of having “clean" drivers on the street.

Though alcohol is a legal substance, there are still certain guidelines to be followed in regards to blood alcohol content while driving. Anyone is obviously banned from driving or doing any safety-sensitive purpose while he or she's using alcohol.

The very same stands true when an individual has a blood alcohol content level of 0.04percent or more as shown by alcohol evaluations. Someone is also banned from driving if he or she has consumed alcohol within the previous four hours. The very same principles apply for illegal drugs.

Someone must undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation when he or she has been involved in a road accident or if there's reasonable suspicion to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst driving.