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By - Maria George

Exciting Things to do When in Macau

For each of us who say ‘Adventure’ out there ‘, then you may have to push yourself and experience the thrilling adventure. For those who say it’s never too late, why wait when you can get the best taste of adrenaline immediately? 

First time jumping from one of the highest points in Macau, gliding through the natural air, your adrenaline rushing, and blood bursts through your veins, feelings of fear and excitement explode in you, when you rethink your choice of times trillion, well, it is the thing to do in bungee jumping.

It is an ideal opportunity to buckle up, for the world’s highest business bungee jumping in Macau. Since it was pioneered by AJ Hackett Bungy over 20 years ago, the habit of throwing himself from a tall structure, attached to an elastic cord only, has seen thrill-seekers flock in their millions to his spiritual home of Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Amazing jumps, unique experience, and passionate soul; unusual kinda thing but definitely worth striking on your bucket list. 

For each and every time when your friends tell you about their experience of bungee jumping and you wish you had done so well. For the times when you missed a planned outing to places of adventure perfect and enjoy the out-of-the-world sensation.

With our top bungee jumping spot in Macau, your holiday definitely sorted. Let’s go on an adventure and a bungee jump from the highest point in Macau.