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By - Maria George

Factors to Consider an Air Conditioning Solution

We may not be blessed with long-drawn summers in England, but erratic weather can make it difficult to overcome when the sun finally arrives.

Stuffy workplaces are never pleasant and, while open windows can provide a gentle breeze for those nearby they offer little comfort for the entire workforce.  You can find air conditioning installation in Brisbane through


For those who want to invest in installation, it is important to do it right the first time. There are many options out there that fit your budget but do research on what you need first. Operational costs must be considered as well as maintenance.


Whatever your place of work, it is very important that your staff does not suffer from unwanted interference from a noisy air conditioning system. Even though everything has a type of sound, it doesn't need to be a problem if you have the right size air conditioner and the location is well thought out.

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Energy consumption

By ensuring you have suppliers that design your project using the recommendations of the CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineer), the capacity of the equipment will be calculated correctly to provide you with the most energy-efficient air conditioning solutions.


Make sure you choose a system that is easy to understand and you feel comfortable using it. Too many systems are not used to their full ability because staffs are too nervous to push certain buttons because they don't know what they are doing.

Future expansion

It is important to consider your current and future company needs when making a decision. If you plan to expand, let your supplier know. They will help you design effective long-term solutions that can be added when your business grows.