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By - Kim Garza


A serger sewing machine is a very important equipment for most of the people who love to sew and stitch stuff and want to see professional results in their stitching. Serger sewing machines are mostly used by the people who are interested in becoming professionals, so if you are interested to get your sewing to another and advance level, then you need to buy a sewing machine that is serger. A serger type of sewing machine is highly recommended for you, especially if you would like to play with the different colored threads and you want to make colorful designs on your favorite materials and fabrics.

If you are a beginner then you are not ready for the serger sewing machines because serger sewing machines are slightly difficult to use and you need to have a little experience to use it correctly that is why sergers are not difficult to operate for the people who have been sewing and stitching from many years. It is a sewing machine type which is completely recommended for advanced level people. Because the features and mechanism of serger sewing machines are different from any other modern sewing machines. But if you are using a computerized sewing machine then you might not face any difficulty in operating serger sewing machines, but still it is important that you stop yourself from buying a serger or highly featured sewing machine if you have not worked on a sewing machine yet because serger sewing machines are not for beginners, they are made for the professional, so you need to wait a while to work of sergers if you are a beginner.

Serger sewing machine is fun and helps you in creating many useful and attractive designs on your fabric and serger designs are also very popular in local and international markets.

Best Serger Machine

There are serger sewing machines being manufactured by several companies, but you cannot just trust all the names that come in front of your eyes. If you are looking for an admirable serger, you must seek any good Singer serger sewing model.

Why Singer

The singer is one the best and the oldest sewing machine company which is providing best and the authentic sewing machine models for every type of sewing and stitching from many decades and it has gained a great name. Singer sewing machines are trusted worldwide and most of the people are in favor of Singer sewing machines because of its features and strong construction of the body.

14T968DC the Best Serger Machine by Singer

The 14T968DC is an outstanding serger sewing machine by Singer as the total capability of the thread is 5-4-3-2 whereas the tension system is self-adjusted and automatic. You can easily sew 1300 stitches on any fabric in one minute and it is a portable serger machine which is light in weight and simple to move.

The 14T968DC is one of the matchless serger sewing machine models that you can acquire for yourself. Each part included in this machine is strong and this model gives executive results.