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By - Maria George

Getting A Good DUI Lawyer In San Francisco

If a police officer pulls you over and accuses you of driving under the influence, you need a DUI lawyer. Unlike other crimes, the police can arrest an individual on nothing more than suspecting him or her of drunk driving. Though police officers try to collect evidence, they do not always have the necessary training to do so. Many officers do not know how to administer field sobriety or breathalyzer tests. Their results do not always stand up in a court of law.

A good DUI lawyer does have the necessary training in sobriety tests and knows how to analyze the results. You can also look for the best and reliable federal DUI lawyer if you are arrested for DUI crime.

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This enables him or her to defend you against erroneous charges made by an untrained police officer. Knowing how to administer such tests tells the attorney the circumstances of your arrest. A DUI attorney should also understand the fallibility of blood alcohol content tests.

The police often conduct these tests hours after the arrest. The blood alcohol content is greater an hour after a drink than ten minutes after the drink. Thus, even though the drinker is no longer intoxicated, the BAC test may erroneously register him or her as drunk.

Without a good DUI attorney, you could mistakenly believe that the court's evidence against you is airtight. People often think this even if they know they were not intoxicated while driving.