Mazy Kazerooni

Be Social

By - Kim Garza

Getting In Touch With People On Social Media

If you would like to socialize from the comfort of your own home or your office cabin then social media would be where should be heading to. There are quite a few different social media websites, some can be exclusively for entertainment and socializing purposes whereas others are professionally oriented. This is why you will find that most professionals making use of LinkedIn for their career related profiles and Twitter for communication.

If you are looking to hire professionals then your chances of finding them would be pretty good if you search LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a popular social media platform where persons of various professions have uploaded their profiles and background information.

You might sometimes be interested in benefiting from the services offered by certain professionals for which you will want to look up on relevant social media platforms such as LinkedIn or even Facebook to be able to identify them and initiate contacts with them.

For example, if you are interested in working with Dr Omarjee for any of the services that he offers then you can easily look up his profile on LinkedIn as that is where you would expect profiles of professionals of his calibre to be found. Similarly, if you offer a professional service and want to be found by potential clients then having a linkedin profile would contribute to your success.