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By - Maria George

Gold Coast Theme Parks – White Water World

If you mention the words "Gold Coast" to anyone in Australia, what comes to mind would be the "Gold Coast theme parks”. The area actually has more to offer than this, but teenagers and children may be more interested in the Gold Coast theme park than anything else.

What makes the White Water World unique from all the Gold Coast theme parks is, well, a lot of water, of course! White Water World offers many activities for the kids, but I have to admit, I also enjoyed the trip as much as any child would unless kids can patiently wait in lines for ages and can climb flights of stairs without getting out of breath.

If you plan to bring one of your children with your smaller, White Water World offers two fields that aim to entertain the kids. You can also contact Infinity Attraction if you want to explore the Gold Coast.

They have a great water play-gym, with a big bucket to be filled with water and then flips every minute and soaks some who might be underneath. They also have a shallow pool with a water slide that the kids were smaller can safely enjoy.

To those who are aged six to ten years, there are some rides that can keep them entertained for hours, including The Little Rippers and The Temple of Huey. The only problem will calm them down when they realize that they will not have time to ride ALL the rides in the park is the Gold Coast in one day.

For thrill-seekers, you can ride the HydroCoaster, The Green Room, and the amusingly named Wedgie. However, make sure you get a spot in line early for thrill rides get mobbed on hot days.

If you take a break from the rides (or long lines), you can relax in the wave pool. This is a non-stressful place to hang out in, and your kids will enjoy playing in the waves.