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Mazy Kazerooni

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By - Kim Garza

Harshness in the cases of Hospital Negligence Claims

We always cannot blame a doctor for every kind of medical negligence case. It is not the doctor always who can be the reason behind it. Sometimes the other staff members of the hospital authority are the reason for medical negligence. When a staff member of the hospital is the reason for medical malpractice claim case then such cases are coined as hospital negligence claims. The administrative department of the hospital only pays attention to the case of medical negligence when it is caused because of the staff member of their own authority. Sometimes the staff members in a hospital work on contractual bases.

They are not considered as the permanent staff members of the hospital thus the reputation of the hospital does not get affected if such a staff member is behind the medical negligence. In these kinds of matters, an individual is supposed to handle out the case individually with the help of his or her medical negligence solicitor. If the case goes far, the defaulter even losses his or her job too.

In the case so hospital negligence, it is not just the defaulter or patient is affected, the reputation and goodwill of the hospital is also ruined sometimes which no doubt affects badly on the sources of revenue for the hospital.