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By - Maria George

Hostels Stays are the Best


If your vacation is coming up, and you have not yet booked a hotel, wait! Read the following information, and you will be booking a hostel stay instead of a hotel stay. And here are the reasons why you should do it. 

Affordable – This is the first and foremost advantage of staying in a hostel. You can save a lot of money that can otherwise be used for other fun things, shopping and partying. A penny saved is a penny earned. 

Amenities – Yes, many have the misconception that hostels have no amenities and service. You just get the bed, and that’s about it. But this is wrong. Today, many hostels provide comforting amenities and even room service. 

Meeting People – Unlike in a hotel, in a hostel, you will have a chance to meet new people and strike up conversations. You will even end up making friends as most hostel guests are young-free spirited people. 

Adventure – Staying in a hostel is an adventure. You are not locked away in your room; you are outside, interacting with people, and heading out enjoying the destination. Plus, hostels also provide information and even guest passes for entertaining stuff in their city. 

Convenience – Most hostels are located in the best locations. Some are right in the city where everything is easily accessible, while some are located on the beach or other such prominent places. 

So, if you are looking for a unique stay and be able to enjoy your vacation, choose a hostel over a hotel any day. Hostels in Lombok are the best examples of excellent hostels