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By - Maria George

How To Get An Hourglass Figure in A Week

If you are dreaming of having a curvaceous, beautiful and hourglass figure, then it is truly a wonderful thing. The hip and the bust measurement in an hourglass figure are about 10 inches more when compared to the waist. Sometimes, this fabulous body shape is naturally attained due to genetic factors, but not all of us are fortunate that way.

However, this kind of beautiful figure can definitely be achieved with the help of some daily exercises, by following a proper diet, and also by wearing the right clothes. You could also subscribe for any good women’s beauty blog and get regular information from the experts.

By following the below-mentioned suggestions, you can surely have a figure like that of an hourglass. These are best and easy to follow, as it is all about concentrating on your attire. You can browse to get more information about it.

Tips to get a beautiful hourglass figure

Wear the right belt – Make sure to concentrate on your waist, as this kind of figure makes your waist look beautiful. Even if you do not have a tiny waist, you can make it look like one by wearing the right clothes. For this sake, it is essential to make use of the right jacket or coat and by making use of the right belt, which will give the look of a tiny waist and it will surely draw attention to the waist.

Avoid low waist pants or jeans – When such clothes are worn, the extra fat will show up, which looks the waist look wide. Try making use of the dark wash jeans and your legs will look slim. It is sure that due to this, you will be able to get a curvy figure. Instead of wearing skinny jeans, make use of the boot cut jeans.

Wear the right bra – Padded bras will surely help in providing you with the right figure. Make sure that the bra, you invest in is made up of good quality. It is also essential to choose the right size because if at all you choose the wrong size, it will not give a good impression.

Try wearing high heels – By making use of high heels, you will surely be able to get an hourglass figure. When high heels are used, the legs will look longer and it lifts the butt. This helps in improving the posture as well. For best effect, it is essential to use heels of at least 3 inches long.

Other tips to get a great hourglass figure

  • Have a protein-rich diet.
  • Concentrate on doing the right exercise.
  • Try hill walking at least for 30 minutes a day.

When all the above-mentioned tips are collectively followed, you can surely have a beautiful hourglass figure in a few months. You will surely be able to make a positive impression, as it is quite important to look amazing these days. By having a good and impressive figure, you can boost your level of confidence and look amazing always.