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By - Maria George

How To Make Sushi

The most basic sushi making (Also known as “การทำซูชิขั้นพื้นฐาน“ in the Thai language).The recipe isn’t just simple but it’s also enjoyable and fast to create. It is composed of raw fish such as tuna or salmon, rice, seaweed, and wasabi.

Things you will need for sushi:

2 cups of white sushi rice, Seaweed, raw bluefin tuna, salmon or any saltwater fish, Wasabi, Soy Sauce

Things you need for sushi rice:

white rice vinegar, sugar, salt, Konbu Seaweed, 2 large boiling pots, Strainer, Water

Sushi Preparation directions: take both cups of rice and then place it in a strainer.After rinsing the rice .take the rice and place it into a large boiling pot. Fill in the kettle with all the heated rice and water. Soak the rice for no less than 20 minutes. Place the rice back into the strainer. Run cold water onto the strainer again to wash the rice thoroughly until the water stays clean. Then place back the rice to the specific same sour pot. Require two 1/4 cups of water and then place the water into the pot with the rice. Heat the water and rice to a boil. Permit the sugar and salt dissolve in the snowy rice syrup. Place the seaweed into the pot. Heat the components on medium heat for a minimum of two minutes or until chamomile is tender. 

Rice is ready, you can begin on cutting edge fish.  Pick out the carrot and slice thin bits. Slice all the lettuce you’ll need and set the remainder of the lettuce in a freezer. Afford the wasabi and place a very small amount into the center of the carrot piece. Select one small spoonful of rice and complete the lettuce together with rice.