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By - Kim Garza

How To Properly Use The Owner Portal Account

Property management firms always provide their clientele (owners) a portal. This portal is meant to help them manage their property wherever they are. Depending on how tech savvy you’re and the complexity of the portal, you might run into some trouble.

The good news is firms have professionals to help you. For instance, there are epic property management, Riverview, MI professionals that you can contact in case of any trouble with the portal. The portal could be used to gain information on the overall finances. This can be done by reviewing the transactions on the monthly statements posted in it.

You could also get an idea on the income and expenses as related to the property as well as the approval and payments for maintenance. The portal could be used to help with tax return preparation as it has the financial information that might be needed. The best of them all is that after working with the firm for some time, you can review on the performance of your asset. You can do this by looking at the annual statement which can help you know your profits and costs. This can allow you to plan for the coming year. The owner’s portal is a very helpful tool for you, so be sure to fully utilize it.