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By - Kim Garza

Ideas To Make Your Business Cards Unique

There are so many ways to convert your business card into to a unique piece of art. It still remains a question why most of us tend to stick with the regular plain versions when there are lot of other creative designs available. Trendy unique business cards not only add beauty to the cards but also help you create a good first impression on the other person.

To begin with, there is the character and cartoon based cards which are best for event planners and for those dealing with children's items such as clothes, toys and even restaurants. For this particular category, the more colorful the card is, the better is the business. The second type of creative business card is the pouched card which perfectly suits the corporate types and the fact that it comes with its own casing makes it all the better.

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The third type of unique business card that is a replacement for all the above ventures is the clear card. The lettering on this card can be done in any color so long as the base paper is either clear or transparent. It has a very intense visual effect and almost guarantees that the client will pay your company a visit if only to look around and know what you are all about.

One of the most interesting ways to housing the card is using a fortune cookie. This is good option for businesses in the creative sector be it an art or media based company.

Besides being beautiful a creative or unique card should still pass on the basic message on the business as effectively as possible. The shape of the card should be carefully chosen so that it fits into any wallet easily and not pop out every time the person needs to take out some cash or other thing from his wallet.