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By - Maria George

Island Hopping Adventure in the Historic Resort City

Island Hopping in Mactan 

There’s a lot of islands where you can visit with your Island Hopping in Mactan adventure and here are some of the famous islands to visit; Caohagan Island, Hilutungan Island, Nalusuan Island, Olango Island, Pandanon Island and Sand Bar. There’s a lot more islands but these are the famous islands to visit in Mactan. 

Things to remember during the tour: 

  • Always listen to your guide or boatman, they know a lot more than you do. 
  • Pack light things. Don’t bring all of your things, just bring all the necessary stuffs like; 
  • Lots of bottled water to keep you hydrated 
  • Extra clothes 
  • Camera/GoPro/Cellphone 
  • Swim wear (rash guards or any swimming attire) 
  • Life vest and snorkel set (if you don’t have, you can rent one just ask the boatmen) 
  • Never stray away from your group 
  • Don’t throw your trashes anywhere, please keep it to your bag or pockets and throw it once you saw a trash bin elsewhere. 

Quick Tips (for DIY island hopping in Mactan): 

If you visit marine sanctuaries like the Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary, be prepared to pay a fee even though you have no intention of wading ashore. The collected fees are used to pay the Bantay Dagat personnel who constantly guide the area and for reef maintenance. 

Don’t want to do it yourself? 

If you are having some troubles on what to do to make your island hopping in Mactan happen, you can book for a tour from a professional tour agency to help you with your island-hopping itinerary. There’s a lot of tour agency and you just have to exert extra effort to look for the best tour agency in the City to help you arrange your island-hopping adventure.