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By - Kim Garza

Kimbo Slice – Best Fighter In The World

Kimbo Slice climbed to fame a few years back when his garden brawls became hugely popular on YouTube and other online websites.  His fame on the world wide web quickly become a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting profession for its street fighter, whose actual name is Kevin Ferguson. Check out the training and practice routine of MMA fighters at 25 best MMA fighter of all time-

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Kimbo Slice is largely famous for his garden brawls submitted on the web but he’s now training in MMA and is also a brand new member of their largest business in the game, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

If you randomly requested an ordinary man walking on the sidewalk that the best fighter on the planet is, there’s a fantastic chance they’d state Kimbo Slice.  The main reason is simply that he’s very well-known among the vast majority of individuals who do not follow MMA or understand it.

As far as many individuals are concerned he’s the toughest man out there. Thus, is Kimbo Slice the best fighter on the planet? The solution is unquestionable NO!Sure he was a fantastic street fighter, garden brawler or anything you need to call it.

However, the simple fact is that he was battling nobody’s in these struggles.  Any high-level UFC fighter could ruin Kimbo Slice 9 days out of 10 right now.  In fact, most mid-level UFC fighters could beat him when they fought now.

But, Kimbo is training hard at MMA and that he does have a significant head start over most fighters simply getting into the game due to his natural fighting ability and strength that is raw.  He can soon come to be the best fighter on the planet and silence all the critics.  It is certainly possible and certainly not from the question.