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By - Kim Garza

Learn Jack Russell Training Tips That Do Not Cause Headaches

Jack Russell coaching is simple because the dogs are extremely smart. They are intelligent, independent pets bred for hunting small game – foxes and rabbits etc. Even though they're a little dog, they're exceptionally active and demand a good deal of energy and exercise in their owners, especially in the first phases of training. But, training these dogs isn't hard and may lead to an enjoyable companion. We have Jack Russell terrier puppies for sale with the best breed.

Learn Jack Russell Training Tips That Do Not Cause Headaches

Since they have been bred for hunting small animals, many Jack Russell Terriers may be hard to interact with your pet cat. It's advisable if you've got a younger adult cat, then currently found at the home. Introduce the puppy as soon as you can – at 3-4 months old.

This will allow the puppy to somewhat imprint onto the cat and set the connection of friend instead of the adversary. Jack Russell training can help your puppy to take the cat for a member of their "package". If the cat doesn't take the pup quickly however you will likely never get both to get together.

Jack Russell's like to dig. They could dig quite big holes in your backyard or beneath your fences. Not only is this frustrating it may be harmful to your pet since they are easily able to escape or be trapped under the fence.

To control this, locate a location in your yard where it's going to be suitable for them to dig. Introduce them to the area by digging together. Bury a bone or toy to allow them to find a loosely filled in the hole.