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By - Maria George

Making A Choice Between Concrete And Asphalt

Which concrete or asphalt is better? This question is still not answered. To answer this question, you must consider many factors, such as: What pavement options are better for the particular area covered? Is concrete or asphalt more cost-effective?

These are some of the questions you should consider when deciding whether concrete or asphalt is better. However, all of these questions can have different answers depending on each job and your budget. You may read more about this via the online sources.

Sealcoating and Striping

The specific area covered and what purpose it serves helps determine whether to use concrete or asphalt. If you have a deck around a pond, you won't want to use asphalt because after sun exposure it will be very hot on your bare feet.

But when you consider the thick asphalt structure to completely tear and replace the whole project it is very rare. Because there will only be heavy people walking on the pool deck you will not need structural sound asphalt which is usually used for heavier objects.

Cost is always a consideration. The initial cost of concrete is usually more than asphalt but asphalt maintenance is much more than concrete. Concrete can be pressurized washed with chemicals and usually becomes clean again. Asphalt does not show as much concrete but fades over the years and needs to be tightly closed to get a new look.