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Mazy Kazerooni

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By - Kim Garza

Multiple Stages of Friendship

Flatmate associations exist on a broad spectrum, encompassing everything from “know each other’s name” to “best friends forever”.

You’ve likely spent time wondering what your flatmates really think of you or whether they truly like you, unless you’re lucky enough to possess an unusual level of confidence.

There is possibility for a brand new flatmate to become one of the greatest people you’ve ever met, or you may never manage to break the ice with them, so just in case you need it, here’s your relationships to being quantified by a guide. Results can vary.

1. Recently moved in

You’ve just moved in with this individual, who might be a friend of a friend, or you haven’t met and you’re not sure how it’s going to go. Occasionally it’s easier to give strangers because you'll be able to communicate without having to consider your shared history. As an example, you can tell them to do the washing up without having to stress that years of online friendship would throw down the drain. The way to know you ’ve reached this phase: you've the exact same address.

2. Just Break The Ice

You’re still in the preliminary stages of flatmateship although you've began to really get to know each other a small bit, things have warmed up. At this time you’re still not comfortable with wearing your pyjamas throughout the house and you get dressed in the bathroom straight after you’ve had a shower. Going to an event beyond your house is an important landmark. How you can understand if you’ve reached this position: you’ve saved their phone number.

3. Suitable Teammates

Congrats, you’ve started bonding over common interests like footy teams, vague genres of techno music, or red wine. You might take it in turns to cook for each other and you’ve started a TV series that they're expressly forbidden from seeing without you. You’re at the stage of platonic friendship where you'll introduce them to your parents, and you might be a bit miffed if they didn’t admit your birthday. That is when good flatmates become good friends. How to understand you ’ve reached this position: you know just how to make each other’s tea.

4. BFFs

At this time you’d rather than go out remain at home with your flatmates,. You’ve found a kindred spirit who needs to be best friends with you after they’ve seen how dirty your room is and enjoys all your bad jokes. You’re probably close that they’ll be the godmother of your children. You’ve booked a Contiki tour. They’re going to be a bridesmaid or best man at your wedding. How you can know you this stage was reached by ’ve: you only understand.

5.Bonus stage: you’re hooking up

You’ve decided to break the golden rule: Don’t sleep with your housemates. If it doesn’t end well all I will say is good luck to you you might have to move out and begin all the flatmate camaraderie stages once more.