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By - Kim Garza

Myths and Truth about Laser Hair Removal

People all around the world are disappointed and tired of unwanted hair on various portions of their body, such as underarms, back, neck, ears, hands, and legs.

Even though there are various strategies to remove these unwanted hairs, but there is only one therapy that could remove them permanently and that cosmetic process is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal treatments are gaining popularity day by day. This treatment is best to remove the hair permanently. Unluckily, there a few myths associated with laser treatment.

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Some of the myths and truth about laser hair removal are:

Organs Are Damaged By Lasers

Truth – No, it is only a clear lie! The laser beam can’t go to a set limitation, neither the temperature from the laser. This is a very safe cosmetic procedure that's been confirmed by the specialists all around the world.

Painful Treatment

Truth – Many people experience gentle to slight pain and distress because the laser is directed on the skin, however, the pain and uneasiness are actually tolerable.

A couple of patients also have reported that a burning sensation in the region where lasers are used, but it has said to be bearable and does not cross the pain limitation.

Lasers Are Not Effective On Mild Hair and Dark Skin

Truth – At the beginning, this therapy was not suggested to people with dark color skin, because they had been in a threat of skin burn.

But nowadays, few lasers also treat people who have light hair and light skin too. People with mild hair and dark skin may similarly acquire favorable results through lasers.