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By - Kim Garza

Opal & Tourmaline – The October Birthstones

You’re extremely blessed to have two birthstones to select from — opal and tourmaline. Continue reading to find out about such stone and you can also visit for more information about October birthstone.


Opal is a brilliant gemstone that lots of associate with fortune. It was initially found in Australia, which provides 95 percent of the world’s opals. This gem is distinguished by its own flecks of rainbow colors, called “play of color”. The term “opal” really comes from the Greek phrase”opallios”, so “to find a change in color” (ref: American gem society).

The Thick Spread Ring in Pink Tourmaline

Some opals reveal every color, whereas some reveal mainly greens and blues. The maximum grade opals have the very vibrant drama of color. According to the gemological institute of America, red is considered extremely desired in opals.

Opals aren’t so difficult stones, ranging only 5.5 — 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, whereas diamond, the hardest rock, is 10. This usually means that opals can crack in the impact with a hard surface, or if subjected to elevated temperatures.


Tourmaline is another birthstone for October. It is a gorgeous gemstone that comes in many different colors–green, blue, pink, crimson, and yellow, one of a number of different colors. Some consider that tourmaline has the capability to provide you with strength, ward off bad energy, in addition, to the inspiring imagination. The next time you are facing writer’s block or want an idea, consider wearing some tourmaline jewelry!