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By - Maria George

Pet Boarding Facility Amenities

If you thought that the dog board means that your dog will have a nice cage or a clean pen in your absence, you are not familiar with the accommodations and amenities available today.

The Dog Board and Dog Daycare have taken a whole new direction to offer pets (and their owners of course) a long list of amenities and services when you board your pet.

The average boarding will have some options. The majority of them will offer a pen with regular meals, walks, and exercise. They will also ensure that your pet receives individual attention each day and plays with it a few times.

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Most facilities also offer private tracks where the dog can be both indoors and outdoors at different times. This is the most basic of dog care amenities and care.

The dog board is not always long term. Many facilities offer "dog nurseries" in addition to the boarding house for dogs. These boarding facilities are generally designed to provide the dog with comfort, spoiling, exercise and play.

The most common equipment offered to dogs is a salon. Here, the animal is cared for and cleaned during boarding. This is one of the most common boarding facilities as it is easy to bring groomers to look after animals kept in boarding school or to keep a groomer among the staff. Some even offer pedicures for dogs with nontoxic nail polish.