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By - Maria George

Pilates Workout Exercises And Our Hectic Lifestyles

The purpose of Pilates exercise is to strengthen the body's core muscles, such as those attached to the spine and ribs.

With core muscles that operate efficiently, other muscles will also work well, providing stability to the entire torso and developing additional core strength. Many people have eliminated their back problems using this training method. On busy and stressful days it sounds like a normal thing. You can choose private Pilates classes in Long Island to become fit and healthy.

There are six principles of Pilates. They are precision, concentration, breath, flow, centering and control. These principles are followed by each routine exercise.

There are no repetitive movements because with many other exercise regimens and the results are usually seen in a short time. Yoga and Tai Chi offer similar routines and benefits.

This system was made by Joseph Pilates and he designed equipment for use with Pilates exercises. A piece of equipment called the Reformer is the most widely used.

Reformers help develop flexibility and increase core strength. Many exercises are also done on a mat on the floor. Many instructors have modified the practice of Pilates exercises so that they can be done at home without special equipment.

The Pilates movement is soft and slow and the emphasis is placed on proper breathing techniques. It is important to listen to and attend instructor lessons and do the exercises properly to get maximum benefit.