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By - Maria George

The Effective Uses Of Pocket Gophers Traps

Trapping pests in your garden is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to get rid of them without causing any harm. If you are fed up with all the gophers that destroy your lawn, you should know that there is a solution to this problem. Learn about the effectiveness of pocket gophers traps by reading this article now.

If you cannot tell the difference between a mole hill and gopher mount, you should take a look at the dirt left behind by this animal. A gopher mound is normally oval shaped dirt in the soil. By using a sturdy trap, you will be able to get rid of gophers once and for all. Many homeowners think that using poison, sonic devices, or smoke will help eliminate these pests. However, these methods are a waste of money and time.

The best methods to use are traps. A wire trap, for example, looks like a puzzle that squeezes the gopher when trapped. A box trap is made of wood and has been used to catch moles for many years. A modern replica is a plastic trap that is very similar to the other designs and uses a spring loaded wire. Lastly, a black hole trap is another effective pest control device made of a plastic cylinder that looks similar to the gopher tunnel. It works by using a spring loaded mechanism.

When you want to trap these pests in your lawn, there are two different places to set your trap. The most effective place is to set two traps in the opposite direction of the main tunnel. It is, therefore, important to find the main tunnel. It is usually 12 to 18 inches away from the mound plug. If you keep digging the soil around that area, you will find the main tunnel.

After locating the tunnel, take a shovel and dig a small amount of soil down to the main tunnel. This will require a little time digging a hole in your garden. By making the effort, you will be able to prevent the gopher from causing any further damage.

Trapping a gopher is easy once you find the main tunnel. When you place the box trap at the tunnel, hide it with soil by filling around the edges in order to stop the air and light from passing. The hole in the trap will attract the animal to that hole sooner or later. Just have some patience as this may not happen overnight.

After catching the animal, just place the trap in a plastic bag and press down on the top of the box. Make sure you wear gloves before releasing the animal away from your home. Now you are ready to fill in the hole and rinse off the trap before catching another gopher.

It is not recommended to waste your money or time buying pest control products like smoke bombs, sonic devices, or poisons. All you need is one or two high quality trapping devices to catch the pests within one or two days. Sometimes you can even catch one within an hour. Just be patient.